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The Food and Wine Counselor  

We connect food, wine and people with  passion and 'savoir faire'. Integrating our philosophy with your identity is our mission statement. Nourishing your business with a state of the art food and beverage program is our commitment to you and your employees.

Custom Wine List
Food Menu Structure
Food and Wine Pairing
Mentoring Chef and Sommelier
Zero Waste Program
Private Cellar Collection
Beverage Program
Wine Tasting 

We are dedicated to your exclusive needs. By offering multiple services geared towards a healthy food and wine program, we model the core soul of your business. Our Clients come First!

Deciding options for your restaurant is always a challenge; pairing food and beverage, creating a cost efficient food and wine program, coaching your staff about the driven attitude it takes to create a flawless approach to service, identifying your own agenda as a business, following up with food and wine farmers and making them part of the 'voyage'. 

The beauty of our programs is that no matter how small the changes need to be or how daunting the prospect of excellence can be, you will find a niche in all categories. We can help you define where/ who your restaurant want to become; we can restore an area of your business needing serious attention. Managing your dream is what we excel at, welcome to The Food & Wine Counselor. We are One, we are Many and we are working together until our mission is complete.

Our success relies on yours!


Karim Boulet

Founder | Managing Director

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