Let us share with you the work and wisdom of those who are shaping and shaking the culinary world of today; the impact of such great minds is virtually giving birth to a brand new chapter in the food and wine industry around the world, something our forefathers worked intensely at to form the mold of avant - garde cuisine, blending tradition and new edge techniques. Each generation committed to bring the craft to a new level of understanding.

The food and wine revolution through our eyes!

  • The restaurant is where the craft is practice, it is where we freely abandoned ourselves in the true hand of the creator. Our mind becomes a router of all senses.

  • Chef


    They mesmerize us with their surgeon like precision; their passion and generosity translate into a dish, a few thoughts shared among chefs and the journey begins...

  • Menu


    The poetry so delectable to hear and even more tantalizing to taste. Reading these menus out loud will provoke and tease your papillae.

  • The level of seduction involve in creating a pastry piece would make Casanova jealous!

  • The Sommelier's weapon of 'exper - tease'; The genuine high you absorb from pairing food and wine is pure heaven, but to share it with our guests is the gem.

  • I use the term 'Farmer' rather than 'Maker'. You cater for the grape, you farm the Land, you nurture the soil, you under 'manipulate' the source of what Nature was so gracious to give you. The true soul of the Earth, Le Vigneron!

  • The 'Somm", the true ambassador of food and wine, the delicate balance between being a detective, a lawyer, a ballet dancer, a diplomat, a chemist, a therapist, a poet and a psychoanalyst! What a life!

  • They capture our attention with a single shot; all our senses awake to discover details and precision.

  • Artist


    Feeding our 'memory bank' is what we have done for millions of years, always evolving to a new sphere, the artist in us is always ALIVE!

  • Quite simply, my mental retreat!

  • Nurture your mind, not your stomach!

  • Luxury resorts around the world with excellent food and wine program.

  • The tools we use are an extension of what our mind wants to create. Japanese blade, French Porcelain or Australian wine key, everlasting joy!

  • They all have their own quality driven characteristics, different opinions and criteria on what to bring in for us to discover! That's the key to building a versatile wine program and strengthen your palate.

  • Great wine 'Enoteca' with serious selections and emphasis on top winegrowers.

  • Pamper your soul and indulge in luxurious treatment!

  • Because Chefs and Somms alike all have their own style. From classy to excentric...