Custom Program and Services

Our Custom Program and Services are similar to your signature dishes or non - vintage Champagne and is tailored just for you; a unique way to bind our work with your establishment. Your beverage program is now signed and sealed with Karim Boulet's initial. You will benefit from the design, the content and profitability of this state of the art program.

Purchasing a custom package is a great step towards excellence. It embraces the idea of investing into a Designer suit; once you have chosen the texture, its design, its color, taking the time to 'measure' its component, you are experiencing a unique sensation: oneness.

We are striving to achieve a hand - crafted program 'designed' just for you. 


Karim Boulet

Founder | Managing Director 


'Karim is and will continue to be a positive influence in the international wine world. He is very service oriented, fluent in several different languages and has always been a promoter of "real" wines that have a sense of soul. Whether he's in Colorado or in Italy or jogging around the globe, Karim is a person to pay attention to when he suggests something, you know his suggestions come from a real place, not about ratings or wanting to sell you something. I am proud to have worked with him over the years and look forward to continuing to do so. '
Giorgio Rivetti, [Owner | Wine Farmer] (La Spinetta wines - Piedmont | Tuscany | Italy)

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Custom Designer Suit