Food and Wine Zero Waste Program

Dream Cellar Designer

Building your custom wine list

We design your list according to your menu, budget and philosophy. From by the glass program to esoteric beverage list or perhaps terroir driven, biodynamic...

Custom Cellar Designer

Cleaning up your inventory

We assess your beverage inventory, clean it up and restore it to a healthy stage where meaningful purchasing can take place again. We can monitor your inventory according to sales and adjust it from anywhere.

Fresh Lobster Antartica

Food menu management

Our goal is to provide you with a zero waste program, maintaining an efficient cost and create new habits towards handling food products. We work with your Chef and team in the process.

Anselme Champagne

Pairing your menu

Finding the right beverage for every single items on your menu can be daunting! We will select wine, beer, liquor to pair the entire spectrum of your menu. Every single bottles are carefully selected based on demographics, pairing abilities, versatility, business entity and the philosophy behind the product itself.

We are driven to pursue hand crafted products made with passion and 'savoir - faire' geared towards food and unique on their own.

Your entire Zero Waste Program is now connected to your menu. Custom training is available per hourly or weekly rate depending on the velocity of the program.

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"Karim's encyclopedic knowledge of wine regions, producers, and vintages around the globe elevates him well above a typical sommelier. His ability to integrate his wine experience with diverse cuisines, to create memorable pairings, is extraordinary. If he wasn't so gregarious all that ability would be intimidating!"

Eric Flanagan, Owner Flanagan Wines (Sonoma Coast, CA USA)

"Karim Boulet is a leader in the Wine and Hospitality industry. He has executed a professionalism in many different styles of restaurants with great ease and forward thinking. In the hospitality industry you need to be equal parts deference to the craft of hospitality and looking forward to engage the guests in the next either trend or wine region. Karim does both".

Bobby Stuckey, Master Sommelier and Owner at Frasca Food & Wine (Boulder, CO USA)