Task Identity

Extent to which a job involves doing a complete from beginning to end and identifiable piece of work with a visible outcome, as opposed to doing only a portion of the job. Task identity is an important component of job satisfaction. Once we have conceived a winning strategy and map out your plan, we present it to you! We take care of the details, yet we enjoy sharing our knowledge with you so you can become part of the process.

Personal Identity

Our motivation behind keeping your identity intact remain our focus during the whole process, regardless of the service involved and its duration. We are present at each step, we embellish the persona that you already are as a business. We can guide you towards discovering your true potential as a team, as an entity, as a respectful and genuine work force. We mentor Chef and Sommelier alike.

Social Identity

A social identity is the portion of an individual self-concept derived from perceived membership in a relevant social group. Social identity theory is best described as primarily a theory that predicts certain inter group behaviors on the basis of the perceived status, legitimacy and permeability of the inter group environment. Once you have found your true self as a business, you will attract a new breed of customers. The kind who are genuinely interested in knowing about your offerings, your identity, your success and most importantly they are concerned about the "why"! And so are we...

'Having had the pleasure to work with Karim in a dining room setting, I can attest to his professional and passionate approach to working in the world of food and wine. He has been classically trained working in great spots around the world, but more importantly, he understands and demonstrates what it means to be a great sommelier. Karim identifies with customer needs and makes creative and thoughtful selections that exceed a guest’s expectations to make their experience special.'

Brett Zimmerman, Master Sommelier | Owner (The Boulder Wine Merchant, Boulder, CO USA)

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