'Congratulations to Mr. Karim Boulet for his achievements in the world of hospitality .

With all my best wishes of success.'

Serge Hochar, Owner and Winemaker (Chateau Musar, Beeka Valley | Lebanon ) 

'I am ever grateful to Karim Boulet; during his tenure as  Wine Director at The Kitchen, he has built and managed a 600 + label wine list, which won a number of awards, along with a great customer following. Karim also inspired many of the staff to pursue their love of wine, gaining much knowledge, with many pursuing their sommelier certification and beyond.
Thank you Karim, for your love and passion'.

Hugo Matheson, Chef | Owner (The Kitchen Community, Boulder | Denver | Chicago | USA)

'Karim's encyclopedic knowledge of wine regions, producers, and vintages around the globe elevates him well above a typical sommelier. His ability to integrate his wine experience with diverse cuisines, to create memorable pairings, is extraordinary. If he wasn't so gregarious all that ability would be intimidating!'
Eric Flanagan, Owner (Flanagan Wines, Sonoma Coast, CA USA)

'Karim Boulet is a leader in the Wine and Hospitality industry. He has executed a professionalism in many different styles of restaurants with great ease and forward thinking. In the hospitality industry you need to be equal parts deference to the craft of hospitality and looking forward to engage the guests in the next either trend or wine region. Karim does both'.
Bobby Stuckey, Master Sommelier and Owner (Frasca Food and Wine, Boulder CO USA)

'Karim's passion for wine combined with his charm and connection he makes with the customer is unparalleled. His love for making people happy through wine and service is a joy to everyone around him.'

Kimbal Musk, Chef | Owner  (The Kitchen Community, Boulder | Denver | Chicago | USA)

'Having had the pleasure to work with Karim in a dining room setting, I can attest to his professional and passionate approach to working in the world of food and wine. He has been classically trained working in great spots around the world, but more importantly, he understands and demonstrates what it means to be a great sommelier. Karim identifies with customer needs and makes creative and thoughtful selections that exceed a guest’s expectations to make their experience special.' 

Brett Zimmerman, Master Sommelier and Owner (The Boulder Wine Merchant, Boulder CO USA)

'Karim is and will continue to be a positive influence in the international wine world. He is very service oriented, fluent in several different languages and has always been a promoter of "real" wines that have a sense of soul. Whether he's in Colorado or in Italy or jogging around the globe, Karim is a person to pay attention to when he suggests something, you know his suggestions come from a real place, not about ratings or wanting to sell you something. I am proud to have worked with him over the years and look forward to continuing to do so.' 

Giorgio Rivetti, Owner and Wine Farmer (La Spinetta | Piedmont | Tuscany | Italy)

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